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Looks at lidar-enabled technology and its applications, as well as public policy topics that address improving people’s lives in a world in motion. The educational webinars, which run regularly through the end of the year, feature conversations with industry experts that are shaping mobility to make it safer, more efficient and sustainable. The episodes look at how innovative autonomous solutions are transforming industries including industrial, robotics, intelligent infrastructure and automotive. One-component liquid silicone rubber cures at room temperature by reacting to the atmospheric humidity. After curing, because it has superior combined characteristics, including heat resistance, cold resistance, weather resistance and outstanding electrical properties, it is used as adhesive/sealing materials and coating materials in such products as component parts for electric vehicles (EV), semiconductors, and electric/electronics. Furthermore, because it cures at room temperature, it is not necessary to have a heating furnace and ultraviolet (UV) irradiation equipment.

Accordingly, these new products will contribute to reducing environmental impact. FLEXIBLE
Choose any size, colour, frame and printing surface (paper, canvas, wood, etc.) you desire. QUICK
Receive your prints instantly (or if personalised, within one business day)
No paying for shipping costs or the “middle man”. REUSABLE
Files are yours forever – reuse as gifts for friends and family! This year’s episodes follow a very successful premiere season, which attracted thousands of viewers. The audience included autonomous solution developers, industry experts, government and educational institutions.

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Season one is available on Velodyne’s YouTube channel.

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